Virtual Office Services to help you start, expand, organize and streamline your business.  Here...


...To Partner with You

I started Easy Office Help to handle the many routine and not-so-routine tasks associated with running a business. It's simply impossible for you to do everything and there are probably tasks that you’d rather not do - things you’ve been putting off.  But you're on a budget.  That's where partnering with a professional virtual administrator makes sense whether it’s helping with a one-off project or managing your day-to-day business.

...To Make Your Life Easier

A virtual assistant takes on the administrative, technical, or creative to-dos.  A good assistant can help you and your business prosper.  Do any of the following situations resonate?

  • You’re often overwhelmed with administrative tasks

  • You’re on a tight budget

  • You have big ideas but need help implementing them

  • You’re feeling stressed and want more peace in your life

  • You don’t have the needed expertise

  • You need help with your client database and communicating with clients

  • You just need help for a few hours a week

  • You know you could be more productive

  • You need to spend more time on your core business

If you answered yes to just a few of the signs above then consider delegating work outside of your company by hiring a virtual assistant. Easy Office Help can help whittle down your to-do list, plan a workshop, provide client care, stay on top of invoicing and payables, and much more.  Plus, we're local - in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Think of EOH as your "go-to" whenever you need help.  The result?  You'll have lots more time to be an efficient and effective business owner, and in control of your life!

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...To Share Expertise

Benefit from my many years of experience in office organization, administration, management,  marketing, and process improvement with organizations at Stanford University, AT&T, Sprint Communications as well as local non-profits.

  • 30+ years in administration, finance, and office management

  • 10 years in marketing

  • 15 years in meeting and event planning

  • 10 years sole proprietorship

 Expertise that helps you manage and grow your business.

Start by making a list of tasks that you need to do ... and send it along!

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